2021 China – New Zealand Higher Vocational Education Summit

Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th November

Bringing Us Together” is what the APAC TVET Forum is all about –bringing together a discussion across the APAC region with headlining speakers – educators and employers and governments – that collectively support TVET.

As part of the APAC TVET Forum, the China-NZ Summit The Forum was held on 9, 10 November 2021

Speaker topics included

  • Meeting Learner Needs
  • Work based learning
  • Meeting Employer Needs
  • Digital and Remote Learning

All main APAC Forum sessions (keynotes and plenaries) will offer synchronous translation in Mandarin.

The text-based chat and discussion networking tools in the virtual environment are also multilingual. The platform automatically translates messages and discussion chats to
the chosen language of the recipient. 28 languages are available, including Asian region languages. This will allow for instant communication across language barriers, to facilitate more effective networking in the virtual environment